Seed Processing

Seed Treating

Emergence Scouting

Seed Cleaning

  • Our state-of-the-art, specially designed seed plant helps ensure that your crop meets top quality specs.
  • Our plant can handle delicate crops with ease.
  • Sorting and cleaning with great efficiency.

Custom Seed Treating

  • Experience and training to ensure even seed coverage and accurate chemical rate.
  • USC LPX 2000 mobile treater, custom built for and by Condie Seed.
  • 8-foot mixing drum can treat up to 50 Mt of product per hour.
  • Conveyor for gentle treatment of pulse and soybean crops.

Custom Agronomic Solutions

  • On-farm variety consultation
  • TKW planting prescriptions
  • Crop emergence reports
  • Soil sampling


  • Custom storage to customers for bulk products.

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